cannabis should be legalized and regulated just like alcohol. People have changed and times have changed. ive wrote in to the govermant many of times about this problem the UK has, and im sure many people have. but all them times writing not once did i get anything back. i think the government is a disgrace for putting inncoent people in cells and giving out criminal records for smoking a plant that was here before any of us. they should be more concerned with the real criminals out there.

Brain damage

there is no proof of brain damage. do some real research. in the early 1900s. might have been 1930s. they conducted an experiment with monkeys. they put gas masks on monkeys for really long periods of time and pumped cannabis smoke into there bodies. while they where doing this no oxygen was being allowed into there system. so when they took the masks of and examined the monkeys they realised they had lost brain cells. and that is where the pheory comes from. but… when your body has a sufficent lack of oxygen brain cells start to die. which is what happend. and also they whre pumped with an exccesive amount of smoke that a human wouldnt even be able to consume. also cannabis does very small damage on the lungs. possibly none when. this is only when smoked in pure form. there has even been research that cannabis helps clean the lungs of flem. cannabis does not have the same cancer striken chemicals as ciggeretes. and also cannabis is not phisically addivtive like alcohol. alcohol is one of the worst addictions there are. and most harmful drugs.
 so please do some research first. legitamte research. not all these lies by the goverment and FRANK!

sorry guys a bit rushed

Why is this idea important?

my idea is seriously important. i beleive this because nothing has ever come of this so called war on drugs. things have only got worse. buying cannabis on the streets can be very dangerous, not just because of where your going or who you are meeting, but also what some dealers may put on the plant itself( i would never call cannabis a drug because IT IS NOT A DRUG!). making it legal to would put so many drug dealers out of buisness and the make the streets alot more safer, this has been proven in many countries in europe. where are we in that list? to old fashioned to move on, thats what i see. cannabis would also bring so much money in for the goverment and help with this so called recession. look at alcohol, so dangerous and lethal, killing so many people every year. not just with illness, but with anti social behaviour. how many people has cannabis killed? well? zero, absolutly no one. in the world! there are so many benefits from cannabis, like medical use, for all sorts of illnesses. illnesses that you wouldnt even think off. there are so many i cant even think of them all.

i no that this would never happen. but. cannabis can be used for most things. like paper, clothes, fuel, food, all sorts of materials, and many many more things. i call it the "God plant". it was put here to save this earth. please look into lagalize cannbis. it would help us all. even the ones in denial about it. they are too blind, people need to open their eyes! i no i have mised out alot of benefits and uses of cannabis. but it would just to far to long to explain them all. im sure you no anyway.  please please take this in consideration. Thank you for reading.
peace and love.
ps. sorry for spelling.

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