The Drivers Certificate of Professional Competence is pointless. It has been introduced to raise money for administrative companies and to create false jobs. It does nothing for LGV driver competence as existing training and subsequent experience is perfectly adequate to assure public safety. LGV drivers have already passed a long and difficult driving test and do not need 'interpersonal skills' to do their jobs safely and well. It is a pointless expense for transport companies and does nothing for their productivity either. Get rid of it now.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because it saves money, lots of it. It saves companies money and it saves the driver money and getting an LGV licence is expensive enough as it is without unnecessary competence tests; a LGV licence is competence enough. Mostly though it saves money for the government directly as without it a whole tranch of government beaurocracy is removed at a stroke!

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  1. Drivers cpc is a complete & utter waste of time & money. its just a cash generator for someone. how does a course & exams where your told the answers while taking the exam do any good ? But to take the whole koke further ! WE KNOW ALL THE ANSWERS because we are hgv or psv drivers & we do it every day !!

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