I am a British Citizen, I am licensed in Australia to carry a firearm in the line of my Job as a Bodyguard and Cash-in-Transit officer. I would like the UK to fall in line with the rest of the world in regards to Bodyguard, Security officers, Police officers. I would also like all firearms laws from 1997 remove and instead of the citizens being punished for doing nothing wrong, the criminals are the ones that are punished. Since the 1997 Gun Laws the crime rate in the UK has not reduced it has in fact gone up.

Why is this idea important?

If the Government and Public are EQUAL then why it is MPs have armed protection for them and their families yet the rest of the public is left defenseless. All men are created EQUAL, what is good for MPs and their families should be good for the Public. The life of a MP is no higher than the life of a member of the public. If the public cannot have armed protections then likewise for MPs and their families.

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