Currently Part P of the building regs requires that competent persons test and certify electrical installation work. To become a competent person you need attain only the most basic of courses that are aimed at kitchen and bathroom fitters. This is all for the financial benefit of the training centres and governing bodies and not to the public at large.

I propose that the only people who can self certify their own work be time served electricians with the relevant up to date qualifications, and that their governing body carries out inspections of their businesses only every 24 months – yearly is too frequent, largely a box ticking excercise and again an easy fee earning ploy for governing bodies. If Part P is to be serious about improving safety then only time served electricians should test electrical work – part timers should be banned from the practice.

Why is this idea important?

To ensure public safety. To reward those who have taken all efforts to become fully qualified and kept up to date with regulation changes. To prevent kitchen and bathroom fitters passing themselves off as fully qualified electricians when they only have very limited knowledge.

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