I'm putting this link here as it represents an informed opinion on the subject and details at length the history of prohibition, it's effects economically and in society, it's medicinal values and other extremely informative matters relating to the question, "should we legalise cannabis?".

If you are anti legalisation, then this video will inform you of the other side of the coin while still respecting your opinions and whether you agree with the video or not, you'll end up better qualified to speak about the subject.

If you're pro legalisation then this video is a real eye opener and makes it much easier to understand the fight that you really have on your hands and how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Enjoy before it's moderated on!!!


Why is this idea important?

This idea is important because people should watch this video to attain a greater understanding of the subject that is being discussed. It is especially relevant to politicians who may or may not be fully informed on the subject. It gives a largely unbiased view from the orientation of the interviewer who is NOT a cannabis user. It's a long but enjoyable documentary to watch. I hope that this link is kept up on this forum because there is so much ignorance of the subject and this video will help to alleviate that and bring about more rational and factual discussions.

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