The Union. This Canadian documentary was going to be ANTI-Cannabis.  After two years of research and lots of hard work they found the real truth. Interviews with Doctors, Medical Professors, Biologists, Former Police and Politicians – a must watch.

You tell me I cannot grow and smoke a natural plant that grows out of the ground and has been used for thousands of years? This is ridiculous and is a clear breach of human rights as well as civil liberties.

The fact that in the UK now in a secret location, there is a drug company that are trying to synthesis cannabis just so they can put it in a pill and sell it.  This quite frankly is SICK.  If your Doctor was able to recommend a plant, where would the pharmaceutical companies be then?

Look at the facts, tell me how many people have ever died due to cannabis use? compare this number with the thousands of people who have died abusing and using the far more dangerous drugs of Alcohol and Tobacco.

Look at the prohibition of Alcohol, did that work?

This unjustified war on drugs has gone on too long, just because Nixion didn't want a Vietnam war protest – arrest the pot smoking protesters = no protest.

The prohibition of Hemp was tied in with Cannabis as the people who decided the laws had shares in timber companies.  Funny that hemp creates better, stronger paper for a quarter of the price! Not to mention over 60,000 other uses including bio-fuels. 


Why is this idea important?

The Government are creating the criminals by making the labels and sticking them to otherwise law abiding citizens.  This collection of countries criminal justice systems are packed full of people who don’t deserve it.  Imagine the money and police time saved if they didn’t have to stop someone for suspected cannabis use.  Get the real criminals instead.

This idea is very important, I just cannot get my head around why pharmaceutical companies are allowed to synthesis any plant and sell it in pill form whenever the people who are supposed to be free are denied access to the natural plant that grows freely and wild in many parts of the world. (it did at one stage in Ireland and all over the UK.

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