The 30MPH speed limit for mopeds needs to be raised so as the moped as the capability to keep up with the flow of traffic, so by reducing the risk to the rider due to the frustration of some motorists who are more likely to make a rash manouver to overtake when being held up by a moped.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important as it will increase the safety of moped riders and may attract more people to use a moped for commuting there by reducing congestion and Co emissions

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  1. I have held a full bike licence since 1987 and regularly ride bikes and scooters of all capacities. I test bikes for a living (freelance bike/scooter journalist) The scariest times I ever have on any machine are when riding a restricted moped. All Transport Ministers should be forced to spend a week on a restricted moped to see how little respect you get from other road users. You’ll be forced into the gutter, overtaken whilst traffic is coming towards you, beeped, abused and frightened on every journey. Raising the limit to 45mph would stop other road users being frustrated, it would also give the moped rider a chance to get out of harms way and I’m sure it would help reduce casualty figures. it would also encourage the use of smaller capacity machines for commuting, hence less pollution and congestion.

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