As an example of Health & Safety gone mad or whatever it is, please can we remove the 40Mph A-Road speed Restriction for Lorries on 60 Mph zones.

Not only does this bunch traffic up, it frustrates drivers who are perfectly safe/entitled to do 60Mph, but can’t because they are stuck behind a lorry.  On these A-Roads there are 30 and 40 Mph restrictions in place to slow all traffic down to safe speeds in more hazardous areas, so all traffic has to conform to these restrictions already.

By having roads where Lorries travel at significantly different speeds to cars, it encourages risky overtaking, which in itself is very dangerous.  This is not to mention the misery it causes car drivers on the way to work, which in the current economic climate, is a misery we can actually do something about!

Why is this idea important?

This is a pragmatic and sensible proposal that supports a positive improvement to road safety, as the current law encourages risky driving on single track A-Roads, where motorist try to overtake slower moving Lorries, when they are perfectly in their rights to do so. 

The law also encourages the bunching up of traffic to unsafe distances, which in itself is very dangerous, as it doesn’t promote safe stopping distances between vehicles.

One Reply to “Remove A-Road 40Mph Speed Restriction for Lorries on 60 Mph Zones”

  1. Yes, good idea.

    I will let you know if the judge thinks so!

    I am being taken to court on this matter and will express my frustration with this out dated law.

    I think it is truely dangerous to travel at 40 MPH on a single track road in an HGV.

    It is also very stressful for the hgv driver, unless you choose to turn up the radio, ignore the horns and insulting salutes of other road users, who are often unaware of the law.

    I feel like I am a lone voice standing up for common sense on this one.

    Will post what happens in court.

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