Several years ago, my girlfriend was working in a large shopping centre and asked me to take a photo of her and a friend.  As I was about to take the photo, I was approached by a security man who asked me to stop taking photos as it was not allowed due to anti-terror laws.  I thought this was a pretty awful imposition on my freedom.  If I came back later and planted a bomb then I would have committed a crime, but it is not a crime to simply take photos.

'My idea' as I am asked to put it in this form, is to allow photography in such situations, which is a completely harmless activity – no-one is being hurt or threatened, or having possessions stolen etc.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important simply as liberty is important.  Most of us can agree that more liberty is preferable to less and we should not be curtailing our liberties when our society comes under attack from those who wish to destroy it.  We should protect what is best about our society and prosecute crimes when they have been committed.

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