Currently the maximum prison term for cultivation of cannabis is 14 years. The maximum term fro Unregistered, illegal, gun ownership is 5 years.

Something is very wrong with our society.

Illegal guns kill people, growing cannabis doesn't. How on Earth is the law to  be taken seriously if it continues to employ such obviously unjust powers? How on Earth is it remotely justifiable to imprison someone guilty of a victimless crime for a greater term than those convicted of owning a weapon that has such terrible consequences for society?

Repeal the law that allows a prison term to be served by cannabis cultivation.

Why is this idea important?

This Idea's important because it's obviously unfair, unjust and immoral to imprison somebody for 14 years for committing a victimless crime, especially since society has determined that the maximum sentence of 5 years is appropriate for illegal gun ownership.

Please, lets be reasonable. That is all that any of us are requesting.

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