As a simple working class city person with very little spare money to purchase a horse and all the other necessary items required to go hunting, even if I wished to which I don't, but a strong belief in my right to spend my money in any way that  I like within reason and having read the comments posted here which  I have been persuaded by I can only say to all those that want to dictate to others how they spend their own hard earned money that they would do more good in the cities trying to persuade all those young thugs to give up their knives, guns etc and allow their neighbours to live in peace & not be afraid to go out of their homes without fear instead of chasing around the countryside hiding behind bushes ,trees etc trying to get photographs of people trying to do a job that is necessary to keep the balance of nature. Finally I would add that out of interest I have been to a few meets to see what happens, have been made very welcome and have yet to meet these 'toffs' some of you refer to. In fact I am left wondering if any of you that do all the shouting have ever taken the trouble to go to a 'meet' or just talk out of ignorance. IanD.

Why is this idea important?

It seems to me that the majority of people wishing to stop others from following & maintaining their traditions are doing so in the misconceived belief that they are rich 'twits' rather than decent people from all sorts of backgrounds who hunt for a variety of reasons but certanly not because they are some sort of bloodthirsty ogres. Why can't we leave them in peace to get on with their lives and use the time to improve our own

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