We all know that drugs, unless pharmaceutical, are usually bad for us. But you still drink, some of you still smoke. This is where drug dealers come in. They often sell cannabis for high prices compared to its actual value.

This high price often causes addicts to commit robberies or muggings to raise the money for their next 'hit'. The high value also increases the likelihood of violence between gangs and dealers.

But, let's just say, what if the market were to disappear. Supply and demand, the basis of Capitalism, states that without a market, the value plummets, even faster than BP's shares. Without the changing of hands of large quantities of money, gangs would be far less likely to flair up into violence, as they would have no high-value assets to protect.

The way to remove the market from back-alley dealers is to legalise Cannabis. I have never smoked any substance in my life, but I do strongly believe in this method. If, like in Amsterdam, Cannabis were to be sold in heavily regulated establishments, with relatively high taxes on it to fund extra healthcare, but not as high a price as the illegal sellers, the addicts would be confined into regulated spaces and would, if they were to become violent, only harm each other.

Granted, the Western World's problem with drugs will never disappear, but if we were to confine and regulate the problem, surely that is better than what we have now.

Also, yes, Cannabis has been proven to, in some cases, lead to Neural disorders such as Psychosis and Schizophrenia, but luckily this is rare and containable.

Take Alcohol for example, the use of which causes far too many deaths and violent acts each year. Alcohol is legal, yet if you were to walk into any Hospital's A&E Department between 10pm and 4am on a Friday or Saturday, you would wonder how it is still legal. Alcohol costs the NHS millions, possibly billions, each year, far more than most other drugs put together.

Also, taking violence into account, if you are at a concert or sports event, and a man starts to become violent and aggressive, is he drunk or has he been smoking Cannabis?

On top of this, I, along with many others, would agree that users of Cannabis should not be allowed to waste NHS funds and so treatment for drug-related problems should be allowed to be denied by the Doctor asked to perform the aforementioned treatment.

In short, the legalisation, but heavy taxing, of Cannabis could be a good thing for our country as a whole, as Cannabis tends to make people relaxed.

Why is this idea important?

Cut gang violence and decrease drug-related violence.

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