I am appauled that recently there have been several cases where travellers have purchased some land, then moved onto it very quickly and without any planning permission. Setting up mobile homes and small villages, Yet councils are unable to act to remove them.

The loophole is they own the land and so are not trespassing, they have breached planning regulation but that is not seen as a serious crime, despite the wanton deliberate and mass intention to do so. They then use Civil Liberties and Human Rights laws as an excuse to remain living there, install drainage, build walls and shelters and even roads… all without legal permission. It may take years to chase them through the courts, plus appeals, wastes councils time and money and therefore costs us all money.

They must forfeit their rights on the grounds that they have deliberately, wantonly, en-mass and with planned deception and intention gone about becoming residential illegally on their land.

Due to the massively deliberate illegal natue of their actions they should  loose their rights and be immediately evicted from the sites, by force if necessary.

Why is this idea important?

This is important because Human Rights legislation is being miss-used. Deliberate Law breaking cannot be allowed to go un challenged and uncorrected.

Actions such as this are anti-social in the extreme, non-conforming, deeply unsettling for the local communities, damages the countryside and yet in this situation the people causing the problem appear to be above the law and continue to flout the law.

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