Withdraw from the European Union, failing that give the public a referendum to do so.

Why is this idea important?

First of all I would like to warmly congratulate the Government for the idea of YourFreedom. I was not very hopeful initially following the election result, but initiatives like this are making me increasingly and genuinely optimistic about, and supportive of, this Government. The idea of consulting the people about which laws to repeal had previously and independently occurred to me, but I had never dared hope any government would be enlightened enough and prepared to give back power enough to actually do it – so, my hat off to you.

However, you will never be able to implement your programme while sovereignty over the United Kingdom is vested in the European Union, which is not democratic, which has totalitarian leanings and which is not prepared to return the power to the people like you are. How will you repeal a law which I propose you repeal if an EU directive mandates the substantive matters which the law implements? The vast majority of oppressive laws, I believe, emanate from the European Union.

It is necessary either to withdraw from the EU altogether (and enter a free trade and free movement of people zone with them), or, at a minimum, assert Westminster's sovereignty and supremacy over the Brussels legislature, to enable Westminster to overrule EU Directives and to repeal EU law. I cannot see, however, how you will achieve this while remaining in the European Union.

If you do not reassert Westminster's sovereignty, it seems a pointless exercise to ask the people what we want, since you won't be able to do it without permission from Brussels. Am I wrong?

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