I dont think it is fair that people under 25 cant get working tax unless you have a child there should be something for the under 25 that dont have children at the end of the day most of them dont live at home with there parents and have to run there own home. I work 40 hours a week and im 22 years old dont get nothing of the government and have to pay full rent council tax there definately should be something to top up my wage but when i have rang working tax credit to see if i was entitled they said no as i aint 25 and dont have any children.  i also think that the government should put a 6 month limit on claiming jsa and income support as there is people out there who claim jsa and dont even want a job.  you need to be more lianate on the benefit system.  I dont think it is fair that people who want a job cant find one and people out there just go and sign on and get money they all should have to do some work for the money they get it might get them of there arses and go and get a job.

Why is this idea important?

I think my idea is important because why should you have to be 25 to get working tax and there aint nothing for the under 25 that do go out there and earn a living.

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