This loud very loud popping noise causes sever anxiety not just in people but especially animals my American bulldog nearly died by not eating had to buy calming medicine not that its worked. So we bought another bully for her a boy a companion for security and love and he absolutely hates them he tries to go for them vehicles now !.. They also scare people especially elderly it’s just not fair. Now my girl bullies refuses to walk and she’s getting fat how do you drag a big dog out if they don’t want to go at my wits end I wish they would just pop pop off thankyou

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Reform the Bail Act 1976

seven people in dark suits from back

I believe that the following changes should be made to the Bail Act 1976: no person should be remanded into custody for a non-imprisonable offence under any circumstances, there should be a 28 day time restriction imposed on any remand into custody for breach of bail conditions, no defendant should be remanded into custody for a period exceeding the half maximum custodial sentence for the offence or 24 months (whichever comes sooner) under any circumstances. I also believe that any days spent on remand in a psychiatric hospital or similar treatment facility should count towards time served and that any days spent on remand should be deducted from both the custodial and licence portions of any custodial sentence imposed should the court subsequently impose such a sentence.

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Permanent ban on all wood burning and bonfires in UK

Bonfires and wood burning smokeless fuel are causing a lot if detrimental negative consequences to the environment and public health. PM2.5 is harmful amongst other toxic particles that are emitted when burning waste and the government is keeping this quiet and not educating the public about its harmful effects.

We need the government to step up and take appropriate action for this problem that is causing so much damage to the pollution levels and to the quality of life of residents who are subjected to it on a daily basis with little support or control over it happening.

If anyone is able to start a petition on then please do so because it is the best way for this to be heard to help action to be taken.

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