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Abolish the Supreme Court.

Comment 7th July 2010

This is a creature of the Blair / Brown NuLabour years and should be abolished along with all it's 'rulings'.

It's main role was to hear appeals from courts in the United Kingdom concerning commercial disputes, family matters, judicial review claims against public authorities and issues under the Human Rights Act. (Ah, the good 'ol catch all HRA).

They now seem to be outreaching their authority. 

"Homosexuals who cannot live an open life in their own countries without fear of persecution should be entitled to asylum in Britain, the Supreme Court said on Wednesday."



Why does this matter?

This type of ruling is madness – all an asylum seeker now has to do, is to claim he's gay.

There's no way of proving or disproving it.  The immigrant door is kicked wide open again.

"A huge gulf has opened up in attitudes to and understanding of gay persons between societies on either side of the divide"  says Lord Hope of Craighead. "More and more gays and lesbians are likely to have to seek protection here ".

Absolutely not

If they have problems in their Country of origin, they should stay and help sort them out.

(In muslim countries, I wish them good luck).

Apart from the fact that a large percentage of these people will have Aids, there is no reason they should travel through many other Countries to get here – the wrong-headed  "land of plenty".

They could stop off in France for example .. lovely place.


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