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An open letter to the governement from someone who’s ill and needs cannabis to dare living a descent life.

Comment 27th July 2010

Hi everyone,

i am not the person i am going to talk about, i just felt the obligation to pass his message on !

i sincerely believe a decent human being can NOT ignore something like this. Read it and find out!

I hope somebody from the governement read this and i hope the moderators wont lock this thread as it is a letter to the governement to repeal the current drug laws .

Medical cannabis – the law as it stands is an ass

A chap named Jason got in touch with me recently to draw my attention to an article that he had written where he explains how he has suffered for the majority of his life from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) and that how the only drug he has found that allows him to live a relatively normal life without dreadful side-effects is cannabis.

Of course cannabis is a controlled substance under the law and there is no legal way to get hold of it so therefore he has had to regularly break the law in order to get the only medicine that he feels is of any real use for his condition.

It is well worth reading Jason's article in full to get an idea of just how pernicious our drugs laws are that somebody who has suffered with an awful condition for most of his life is forced to break the law to treat it and the intermittency of supply is such that he cannot always get access to it.

Amidst all the headlines of the "War on Drugs" and politicians trying to sound tough we need to remember that there are people like Jason caught in the crossfire. He is just trying to live his life the best way he can. The law is an ass when it comes to cases like his and the government has no business preventing him from getting the treatment he needs for his condition.

It needs to be reformed, now.

Why does this matter?

ason said…

I would like to thank Mark for raising awareness on this and for the work he does on sensible drug policy in general.

I'm Jason, the one who wrote the piece. (excuse the mistakes in the article, I'm very aware of them!) I wrote this for Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Professor Emeritus of Harvard Medical School (hence the Americanisms in the piece) Knowing how far behind the UK are on cannabis, Dr. Grinspoon urged me to seek outlets and Mark has been a true hero in providing a platform and his general manner. For anyone not aware of Dr. Lester Grinspoon's work, look him up, he is a true pioneer and heavily respected.

There a very few people in the UK willing to tackle cannabis as a subject matter, we are literally ignored by the best of them, Mark has proved to be a real champion in the truest sense.

Although I am a medical user and I would like to see a change in law for people like myself who are simply disabled and not criminals, I would also like to point out I am very much for the idea of regulation across the board on cannabis, I now know much about the plant as stated; it is totally nonsensical and counter-productive that cannabis is classed as a controlled drug when the hypocrisy of alcohol hangs over me like a goading bully, I could reel facts and figures off with the best of them now, but this is not the place. When I can, I now give speeches on this subject and I have turned the hardiest of "prohibitionists". The evidence that I can use to combat the anti argument makes the debate too easy, I don't profess to be able to argue the point well, I just have good scientific, legal and political citations to draw from, I thank these people also who have put so much work into this issue!

I would not lay claim to new pioneering new tactics with the cannabis debate, but I debate from the stance that the "pro" and "anti" argument have bogged down the debate for too long and that we are actually all on the same page. Wiping the slate clean and looking at the inevitable goal, we all wish for less harms, less usage in children, and less crime. People soon realise that the enemies in the debate are not the opposition but the current method of control and that we are striving for the same goal, you quickly see a change in attitude. It no longer becomes a battle of wills on a contested subject that we all have a bias on, the focus then becomes on working together for communal well-being. More often or not, when presented with the full picture, prohibitionists arrive at the conclusion of regulation before the idea is even proposed. Changing the conventional argument has worked in my experience, and the latest poll that resulted in 70% of the populace wished for regulation also clarifies this stance. The debate has been muddied for deliberate reason I feel, all the while it rages, no conclusion can be reached, and when a clear sense of calm rationality takes over, enemies invariably become allies. All to often it is just a change in perspective that is needed and not a stubborn battle of wits.

Once more, not only would I like to thank Mark, but my loved ones who suffer with me due to knock on consequence would also like to extend their emotive gratitude as they too are under threat from current law. As Mark says, in every conceivable way, the law is an ass, and when we know why it is this way- lobbying, right wing press and political point scoring- it is hard to forgive governance when I know what I do now. It is also demoralising that I have to lay out my private life and personal troubles just to get a message across. It's not great for self-esteem.

So, from all of us, the hundreds of thousands that suffer in the UK, both directly and indirectly, thank you Mark, truly thank you.

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