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Automatically register for Child Benefit & Child Tax Credit when you register birth

Comment 26th August 2010

Everyone is required to register the birth of thier child… why can't you just autotcially register for Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit at the same time? I've had to make 3 separate applications to 3 separate governement bodies to give them the same lot of information 3 times.  That's 3 lots of people on the other end processing it, a wast of money, and of my time. Child Tax Credit system failed so miserably that I actually e-mailed the chief exec to register my daugther as the website was down, the phone never answered and the contact given at the Job Centre said they couldn't help.

Why does this matter?

reducing duplication of effort, better use of technology, and stoping splitting poeples lives into silos that are convient for the separate departments rather than make sense to the indivudal has got to be the way that we save public money.

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