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Cutting business and charity regulations

The UK public have submitted 2427 law change ideas relating to Cutting business and charity regulations.

All Cutting business and charity regulations ideas

Law Change Idea Author Comments
s81 Housing Act 1996 djmoore 1 Comment
Cheating UK David Wilding 1 Comment
Exemptions from filling in forms for the Office for National Statistics dykahn 1 Comment
Remove ‘tinkers’ from the scope of the Pedlars Act 1871 skort 1 Comment
Remove catchment areas of GPs CamdenResd 1 Comment
Housing Act 2004 – Revision of Tenants Deposit Protection (TDP) Legislation eromallid 1 Comment
FENSA (window installers) forms a closed shop Beeshed 1 Comment
enable work experience for under 16s in factories colinwalton
Get rid of regulations governing school dinners Hobbit
Revise the rules for term time holidays JasperGilder
Parking – Small Business GrahamCWilliams
Allow smallcraft including commercial and recreational craft (yachts etc) to use red diesel springnuts
reduce truck movements at peak time and tax european lorries radley
Bring back ‘British Rail’ or at least ‘one’ train company Annie888
Opt out of European Working time directive for Surgeons dbsaleh
Literacy Hour roscox
psychological evaluations for educational (medico-legal and legal) purposes wrighthand
N.H.S filling local needs and Asperations agedcitizen
Make Hospital Telephone Numbers Available to the Public and Stop Unneccessary 999 Calls vgreaves
Tax Junk Food mh01
Illegal Security Clearance Demands NLExpat
Scrap the minimum wage tompaine
Pay childcare tax credits direct to the carer trothery
capping benifits jvp
Devolved administrations ogaugeman
Blank P11D forms not required RLebus
Delay mandatory XBRL filing until after change in UK GAAP Patricia Haywood
Repeal the tax law allowing Non-Doms bedabs
Replace VAT with Sales Tax vincentlavin
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