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Cutting business and charity regulations

The UK public have submitted 2427 law change ideas relating to Cutting business and charity regulations.

All Cutting business and charity regulations ideas

Law Change Idea Author Comments
Lets remove Part P of the building regulations Booker 1 Comment
Scrap compulsory Water Metering frogspawner 1 Comment
Abolish Corporation Tax for NFP Community Interest Companies philmoakes 1 Comment
Scrap Child Benifit BIGDOG 1 Comment
Part p reform koolgreen27 1 Comment
Car insurance: third party risks: fixed price Dowi510 1 Comment
Scrap the working time directive rollo 1 Comment
‘Disability’ as defined in the DDA Act camelog
Review Employment Law to Scale Burden According to Size of Business jamiebanks
Allow Foreign TV Channels on Sky lessimon
Reform HMO legislation Sterence
Green Energy Partnerships Association (GEPA) docuk
Classification of multi-tenant HMO property Nurd4444
amend criteria for allocating social housing dafowler
Loud Music metalpub666
Abolish most change of use restrictions for non-residential properties PeterKirk
Power of entry residentiallandlordsassociation
Mandatory Use of Architects for Planning Applications Patricia Haywood
No Civil Servant or Quango Head Earns more than the Prime Minister mikem
Scrap the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) IanO
Amend UK Implementation of EU Rental and Lending Directive 92/100/EEC prfilleul
Alcohol laws jwynn
Ring-fence ‘Green’ stealth taxes poulan
biomass power generation gwatson
disallow all derivatives on food. ironfort
reform the way sell by dates work claird
Allow local, on farm disposal of dead livestock JMVivian
Teach Risk Assessment as a core subject in schools davehazell
Abolish Ofsted and remove Education Bureaucracy. MrSense
Stop Schools confiscating children’s packed lunched amorphea
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