Repealing unnecessary laws

Equal rights to fine councils back

Pot hole

Common people should be able to fine the council for potholes, broken glass shards, over grown bushes etc. Much like the Council fines people that parks slightly carelessly, yes sometimes parking carelessly is unsafe, but so is poorly maintained roads and paths.

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Have a wider option of forms of identification

ID Card

most places in the UK e.g ( pubs,shops etc) only (mostly) accept a drivers licence or a valid passport as id but there are other cards such as young Scot cards , citizen card etc which have the PASS logo on them but most shops don’t except them which is bad for 16 years old because most people don’t or cant afford a passport and they want to buy lottery tickets or scratch cards but they don’t have either passport of drivers licence 🙁

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Introduce New Land use – Permaculture


Allow for small parcels of land to be sold for the sole purpose of setting up a permaculture smallholding to be farmed by a family/community expressly to grow food in accordance with permaculure techniques that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. The land use will also include off grid environmentally friendly dwellings.

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Land cut of by roads to small to farm

Land that has been cut by pass’s and other roads and then to small to farm should be made available for Eco living and perhaps for locals at affordable prices this could be done all most straight away instead of letting the land go to waste. Let’s make land work

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