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Repealing unnecessary laws

The UK public have submitted 5124 law change ideas relating to Repealing unnecessary laws.

All Repealing unnecessary laws ideas

Law Change Idea Author Comments
Scrap FM Switch Off Law. jlight 2 Comments
Allow ownership of 2mm pinfire revolvers realist25 2 Comments
Repeat Prescriptions sunny 2 Comments
Move road duty and insurance into petrol prices ianf 2 Comments
End free social abortions on the NHS MidOn 2 Comments
Metricate Britain MetricisBritish 2 Comments
Repeal Section 29JA of the Public Order Act 1986 dwilkes 2 Comments
Thatcher’s Needle Exchange Was Revolutionary homegrownoutlaw 2 Comments
Add all bull terriers and rotweilers to dangerous dogs act dazco 2 Comments
CHANGE MOT TO EVERY 2 YEARS pn123 2 Comments
abolish the trailer test tstokes 2 Comments
Abandon the plans to switch off analogue radio Dralon 2 Comments
Overcrowding legislation cdeery 2 Comments
Repeal the Dangerous Images Act Gildas 2 Comments
No state school may take parents’ religion into account as an admission criteria stevehill 2 Comments
20 mph speed limits in villages brianwhyatt 2 Comments
Get rid of CCTV Malovern 2 Comments
Peddlars Act mhodges 2 Comments
Listed Building Consent laplennerie 2 Comments
Historic Vehicle Tax needs reviewing! davidjcasey49 2 Comments
Re-introduce rolling tax exemption for classic vehicles jed49 2 Comments
The freedom to be naked in public places craig69 2 Comments
Repeal the Firearms Act 1968 and amendments fac 2 Comments
Motorcycle Exhaust Noise Levels zulu6 2 Comments
Remove DEFRA travel route restrictions for pet dogs and cats with correct veterinary treatments dwall 2 Comments
Part P Abolition and Electrician Licensing gdrewitt 2 Comments
Change Heritage Legislation fowlerminshull 2 Comments
Restore Imperial Units of measurement – everywhere. RandomElectron 2 Comments
70mph on motorways is too slow richiepooh 2 Comments
IPP SENTENCES mark100872 2 Comments
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