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Restoring civil liberties

The UK public have submitted 5901 law change ideas relating to Restoring civil liberties.

All Restoring civil liberties ideas

Law Change Idea Author Comments
Criminal records should be deleted after a suitable period brianbaker8 4 Comments
Ban loud exhausts from use on public roads gjb 4 Comments
scrap cscs cards skipdiver 4 Comments
Reform the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act nmitchell 4 Comments
Remove the rediculous restriction on right handed sidecars sergentcolon 3 Comments
Legalise Sale of Snus in the UK bertieb 3 Comments
Mothers blackmailing fathers patriciabridget 3 Comments
Make child maintenance payments tax deductible CharlesOliver1964 3 Comments
Stop using CCTV cameras for traffic enforcement Shivers 3 Comments
No Licence Vehicles Pauld 3 Comments
We want the governement to explain this –Sativex– vs–Cannabis– bullshit 3 Comments
Allow Access to the 1921 Census Now guyetchells 3 Comments
Restore the right to own Firearms Bisleyanyone 3 Comments
Parking tickets issued by post when cars are driven away. TARQUIN 3 Comments
Banning Retrospective Planning Applicatiopns MrGee33 3 Comments
Ban Positive Discrimination ThreeOne 3 Comments
Independent Review of Determinations (adoption & fostering) Regulations 2009 kcorn 3 Comments
Ban private parking companies. RachelN 3 Comments
Abolition of the House of Lords ianrmillard 3 Comments
Global shift in attitudes towards cannabis-UK response? kzaman 3 Comments
Removal of Sunday and Bank Holiday trading restrictions jupitermoonbeam 3 Comments
Abolish the TV licence rubyjane 3 Comments
Equal representation for women joanthewad 3 Comments
Get out of the EU rolloreid 3 Comments
Consensual BDSM activities should not be a criminal offence GrahamM 3 Comments
Remove Speed Cushions. They are can cause pain to passengers and damage vehicles reginald 3 Comments
Abolish Part P of Building Regulations QTanton 3 Comments
Stop the Government Stealing ‘Adoptable’ Children FayWilliams 2 Comments
Ban Tobacco Sales ClaireS073 2 Comments
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