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Fine train companies who do not make an effort to make stations and trains accessible for Disabled people!

Comment 1st July 2010

Most of us disabled people have to suffer enough indignities in life thank you, but we have had enough of the excuses and discrimination that we have to go through with train companies!

Why does this matter?

Recently i was in the north West and i was most impressed with the train operator who went out their way to ensure that you needs where met, namely a ramp was provided or carried in a cupboard on the said train. Down here in East Anglia this does not happen and so as a wheelchair user i have to book my train journey 24 hrs or 72hrs in advance, however communication is not there strong point and this information does not always get passed through. When this information is not passed through to the relevant passing place or the end of the journey this can be extremely painful and frustrating and you are treated like it is your fault.

I therefore propose that we the disabled should be entitled to compensation of say £ 100.00 plus a full refund of our ticket price every time we travel and that there should be someone who position it should be to ensure that this does not happen again.

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