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Legalise Cannabis / De-criminalise Cannabis

Comment 5th July 2010

It is crazy that something which is far less harmful than Alcohol and cigarettes, which is a naturally occurring plant that is not tampered with in anyway, which leads to a huge waste in police time and money, which criminalises law abiding citizens, which could be a huge source of revenue for the tax man, and which has loads of possible medical and consumable applications is illegal. Especially when it a substance in which nearly everyone out there has at least tried it in some form or another.

It should be completely legal for both medical and recreational use.

With regards to recreational use, it can either be purchased in a shop with added tax to go towards the countries revenue, or grown at home. But it should be made illegal to smoke it in public spaces as with alcohol.

Why does this matter?


-The vast amount of time and money wasted by police on this issue can be put to far better causes.

-There could be a tax on it, increasing government revenue, considering how many people do it, this may be a substantial income.

-Nearly everyone does it or has at least tried it from all generations, either by smoking or eating.

-It is far far less dangerous than Alcohol and cigarettes.

-It has so many other uses that could be utilised, ie medical, cosmetics, consumables etc.

-A vast amount of people who are law abiding citizens are criminalised by this.

– many people (especially vulnerable youngsters) who are offered other stronger substances is usually by the dealers who they get the cannabis from in the first place.

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