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Motorway Car Sharing Parking Areas to Reduce Congestion

Comment 2nd July 2010

To create car sharing parking areas off major motorways and A Roads with a minimal charge e.g. £1 per day for car sharers.  There are many people who work together who travel from various towns and financially and environmentally they would like to car share – but there are no places to meet up and leave their cars.  The car parks on service stations cost a huge amount of money for the day – up to £40 per day!  The government should purchase some land  off the motorways – or insist that the service stations provide cheap car sharing parking.

In line with this measure should be an improvement in car sharing priority lanes as in the US/Leeds.

Why does this matter?

Reduce congestion taking cars off the road.  Reduce emissions – reducing the carbon footprint of the country.  Reducing the cost to the average commuter.  Reducing the impact on city centres for parking.

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