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No future ideological cuts by the conservatives

Comment 27th August 2010

Abolish the future ideological cuts that the conservatives want to make.

We are not in this together. The conservatives have money; lots of other people who rely on government services do not.

Having charities and volunteers provide government  services is a terrible idea. I don't want to volunteer to do things government should be doing.

Forcing GPs to make many decisions about what services to offer is a dreadful idea. Great way to privatise the NHS, David!

Privatising the Met Office – dreadful!

The people of this country appear to be willing to sit back and let the conservatives dismantle their society. The conservatives stand for nothing, except keeping money in their pockets. WAKE UP AND FIGHT BACK!

Why does this matter?

My idea involves protecting British society from politicians who do not believe in the power of government to do good – to protect its citizens and help those who are impoverished. I will not be eating beef for the next five years.

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