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Re-Nationalise our railway system

Comment 9th July 2010

Ever since the Conservatives introduced their disastrous privatisation of the railways bill in 1997 our National Rail system has steadily declined in performance and convenience until now it is the worst railway system of all the major European systems. It is the slowest and most expensive and most unreliable system of them all. This is a disgrace, especially in view of the fact that it was the British who invented railways. I travel in France quite a lot and it is a relief once we are through the tunnel, and a source of worry and annoyance as soon as I come back through it – not knowing whether I shall get back home (Southampton), and at what time.

We were promised by the Conservative Government that putting the system into the hands of private companies would cause them to put a lot of investment into the system and vastly improve services; 13 years later we are still waiting for this investment and improvement.

I think only full scale re-nationalisation will solve the problem. In spite of the present economic climate I think this is one area in which the Government must allocate funds because a reliable economic railway system is essential if we are to become a successful nation again. I also think that legislation to transfer a significant amount of road freight traffic to rail is neccessary if we are to acheive our global warming targets.

Why does this matter?

A high performance National Railway system is essential to restore commercial business success and to acheive global warming targets. 

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