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Remove Hate Crime Laws

Comment 7th July 2010

Remove Hate Crime Laws

Hate Crime is used to give favour to one group over another.  It provides an impregnable wall of no criticism for a group to flourish unimpeded.  Employers set aside resources, training and time to enlarge such groups.

 'Some groups are more equal than others'. 

Hate Crime is a Thought Crime.  An institutional or individual can be accused of it.  It does not require any crime to have been committed, just  expressed in private or in public with someone who perceives it to be.

Therefore the  idea of "Your Freedom" is in itself  a Hate Crime.  Because it purports that you have the right to express yourself in any way you want to.  You can't .  The British  do not have that freedom. 

Hate Crimes are issued at the whim of the Government :  it is not a Hate Crime to say there are too many White Men in a job, city or a country. It is not a Hate Crime to deny them access to employment and services. And it should never be a Hate Crime to do this, because legislation should protect everyone from discrimination and not enforce for some and not for others it as it does.  This is why there are out-breaks of "White Man Rage" when he realizes he has not job, no wife, no children, no country and no life. 

Why does this matter?

Only the Hate-Worthy have need protection from a Hate Crime policy.

For example, a Guru of  India  first begs for food, then gives your food to others until you are supporting a whole cult (making you guilty-for-giving because now they are your dependants) and tempting you to hate their now-established self-appointed Seer.  The only other way to remove rage and conflict is to prostrate yourself before them and claim you are giving to God's Messenger.  A conflict-free life in return for a slavery called discipleship and worship.

Every group that receive  their honary status of being protected from a Hate-Crime, grows.  You are forced to give them  tax-donations for reinforcement -training, counselling for finding vulnerable recruits, deference and agreement of  their God-Given attributes.

Young Black males in the UK are vastly over-represented in crime.  Their skin colour is not relevant but their fatherless, their inability to become men, is played out through their thin-skinned machoism.   It is a Hate Crime to point out this is the 'baby-mother syndrome' played out from one generation to the next with Welfare handouts to the mother.  If  Welfare was equal then when Child Benefit was removed from going to the father it would have been given half to the mother and half to the father as both have responsibility for their child.  It went to the mother… and the rest is social history and inner city decline.

Sodomy was once a crime.   No conscious person would ever, ever use the rectum for sexual pleasure.  Now people can do as they please from the bedroom to the nightclub into the streets, into the schools.  The TV programmes on sex education pan over the children's faces in the audience capturing their sharp intake of breath of their embarrassment and violation through knowledge they would never have learned in their lifetime, a Disassociation of Affection through sex,  ruining what love is.  

Hate Crime only protects those  who hate, to crawl in their dark shadows.  Remove the Hate Crime laws, so a child may live.

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