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Repeal the basic position in Unfair Dismissal cases.

Comment 9th July 2010

The basic position in Unfair Dismissal cases is that you cannot appeal against the findings of fact by the Employment Tribunal.

This means that an employee has fewer rights than any criminal.

The facts can be made to fit the decision of the ET.

It makes "perverting justice" legal.

The court becomes party to a dispute between employer and employee.

The employee requests the intervention of the court to resolve a dispute, he/she does not try to catch the court being wrong in law.



Why does this matter?

The idea is important because it restores the claim for Unfair Dismissal which the law as it stands has nullified for nearly 30 years. Also it forces poor employers to pay for their incompetence and dishonesty and not the state(the rest of us) and for which there may not be any records kept.

Twice I have made lost cases for UD even though the evidence was recorded. In the first case, I can prove fraud by the employer which continues even after my death and in the second, I requested that the hearing be recorded and the request was refused. Had I been in the wrong I would not have asked for the hearing to be recorded would I?

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