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Replace GP’s by Highly Trained Nurses

Comment 5th July 2010

Replace GP's by highly trained nurses. Using current GP salaries, the nation could benefit from at least twice the number of highly trained nurses who can perform the job of a GP. This will ensure a much improved service at local health centres. The nurses could also be on call.

Why does this matter?

GP's salaries have been increased well above the norm. This obvious anomaly is a clear target for cost savings.

In my experience todays GP makes a referral for anything beyond the need for a simple pill or tonic, which can be done by a nurse.

The GP diagnosis is usually made from the armchair.

Staffing the frontline by highly trained nurses will permit more medical staff on the frontline who have exprience of actual contact. e.g. Blood pressure is only checked in extreme circumstances. (This is standard practice in the US.)

This will also allow more funds to increase the number of specialists to which the nurse can refer the patient.

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