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Return the Police to a ‘force’ not a ‘service’

Comment 11th August 2010


The only way to stop criminals is to stop giving them leeway and to actually DO something (harsher punishments, more power to police) productive.

The change in the name of the "Police Force" to "Police Service" ten or so years ago ironically reflects the 'usefulness' of the Police. The Police need to be a force, they are there to uphold the law, which, in some cases, requires force.

Why does this matter?


Political correctness has stopped the Police from being able to do anything worthwhile in many cases.

Recently, I was at work when 3 sets of police had to be called out one after another to try and stop a disturbance, but they were unable to help due to their lack of powers. They themselves said that they shouldn't be a 'service'. They are right.

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