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Review all Legislation since 1940

Comment 13th July 2010

During World War I many liberties were taken away by war time legislation, but when the war ended it was all repealed. At the start of World War II the United Kingdom was able to move onto a wartime footing by very quickly passing again ll World Wat I legislation . However, it was not repealed by the new government in 1945 as the United Kingdom moved into 60 years of socialist inspired goverment under both parties. Thus the state steadily eroded basic freedoms of the individual and intruded more and more into every aspect of our lives.

A root and branch review of every single law passed since the reinstatement of World War I legislation from a basic libertarian perspective would result in genuine returns of freedom to the individual. The Government should give themselves the target of repealing a law every month so that at the end of its 5 years in office it will be known in history as "The Great Repealing Parliament".

Why does this matter?

It is essential that we roll back the state, giving individuals their freedom and responsibuility to manage their own lives thus removing dependeancy upon the state. When one starts from this perspective the result will be a much smaller state, lower taxes and a very dynamic economy and workforce.

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