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Sativex is licensed in the UK so why is Cannabis still a schedule 1 drug?

Comment 14th July 2010

Now that Sativex has been passed for medical use and seeing as it is made out of the WHOLE cannabis plant, is the government finally going to take cannabis out of the schedule 1 grouping.

Seeing as schedule 1 is for drugs with "No recognised medicinal use?

This is removing the "Human right" to a pain free existance & removing any hope of legally self-medicating.

Most LHA's wont supply Sativex due to the high cost and "other issues"

So cannabis is clearly not a schedule 1 drug based on evidence from "GW Pharmaceuticals plc" themselves…

These links all prove that cannabis has many safe medicinal benefits so why is it still illegal?


Why does this matter?

As an illegal Class-B (Schedule-1) drug cannabis has a 14 year maximum sentence.

Possession of an un-licensed firearm has a 5 year maximum sentence.

This is clearly wrong and cannabis should be legalised for medicinal use NOW.

This would also need the Possession laws to be scrapped or amended so it is no longer a crime to possess cannabis for personal use.



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