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Simplify the Export Control regulation for individuals and small businesses

Comment 1st July 2010

Simplify the process of dealing with the Export control organisation specifically removing the need to register to use OGELs for individuals and small businesses. 

Did you know that if you own a landrover that is fitted with a military style tow bar, military style lights or any "army spec" components you need to register with the government and be subjected to "compliance visits" just to drive your vehicle abroad even for a day trip to France!!

While Export controls are important, this is a huge administrative burden both for the government and the individual or small business and should be replaced by Export regulations which require no action other than complying with those regulations.

Why does this matter?

As a part time small business owner dealing in the registering and sale of ex military landrovers.  Having been informed that we were required to register with the Export Control Organisation if we wanted to export these vehicles or even take them abroad for a personnal holiday we duly did so.  Now I have been told that we are required to undertake a compliance audit even though we havent actually exported anything!  This requires us to take leave from our main employment at cost to ourselves and requires a compliance officer to make a visit to a run down shed in scotland to audit documentation that doesnt exist! 

It has taken over a month for the ECO to decide what if any license we need to send a rifle holder to an ebay seller in Germany!  This is a metal bracket  that we sold for £20 not a weapon of mass distruction.  If we had simply sent this item anyway we would have been commiting an offence so by trying to 'do the right thing' we have caused over a month delay to a simple sale and no doubt cost the UK taxpayer a small fortune!

A simpler system whereby compliance with regulations and guidance is the only requirement would save a huge amount of money which is currently spent on unneccesary Visits, administration and paperwork.

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