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Smoking Ban

Comment 3rd July 2010

As a smoker, I have no objections to the smoking ban in public places – except pubs. This was a move too far by the previous government. What should have happened, was what some other countries have done, and that is simply a mixture of some pubs that allow smoking, and some that do not. That way ,everyone has a choice. The health argument about passive smoking is one of the biggest deceptions by the government at the time. And here is the reason for my statement. If you live in a large city, you breathe in more toxic fumes from the internal combustion engine than you ever will from passive smoking. I am not claiming that there are no dangers from second hand smoke, but I am claiming that there are more dangers breathing in all the toxins from traffic fumes.

My idea is simple. Alter the smoking ban law to allow smoking in some pubs and give us smokers our life back.

Why does this matter?

My idea is important to me because I hardly ever go out to the pub now because of the smoking ban. I think it does not look nice to see dozens of smokers outside pubs having their fag, and  relaxing the law a little will just maybe help stop pubs closing at an alarming rate. The pubs closing like they are have been put down to the recession, cheaper to drink at home, but I feel that the smoking ban has got an awful lot to do with it.

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