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Spread asylum and immigration across EU

Comment 21st July 2010

Get the EU as a whole to take joint responsibility for all migrants.

Asylum seekers and other migrants should be allocated to an EU country where there is space and need for labour and required to remain there, work, learn the language and pay tax there for at least 5-10 years before they have the right to move to another country.


Why does this matter?

This would give migrants an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to making a life for themselves, rather than just sponging off a state with better welfare provisions than their own. 

It would help take the burden off countries, which are becoming over crowded and over burdened with scroungers and criminals.

It would give the EU a chance to pull together in a constructive way to deal with this problem.

It would help diffuse the resentment in this country on which far right political movements feed.

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