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Stop benefits for immigrants

1 Comment 1st July 2010

The UK spends too much money on benefits to people who have never paid income tax here so lets stop. This would stop alot of immigrants coming here just to get benefits which many send back to families abroad.

If you come to this country you should be prepared to work, if you aren't then you don't get any money and frankly shouldn't of been let in in the first place.

Why does this matter?

Stop benefits to all people who have never paid income tax in this country.

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One Response to Stop benefits for immigrants

  1. john killingback says:

    lets curtail all benefits not just to immigrants lazy bastards dont get pay why we give them money for doing nothing why should we pay for people to get pissed every day or take drugs they even get travel passes to attend their rehab women produce children to get more money from us the more kids you have the greater the benefits LETS STOP IT NOW IF YOU DONT WORK YOU GET NOTHING IF YOU CANT AFFORD YOUR HOUSING MOVE TO SOMEWHERE CHEAPER the lazy bastards that take all the money take and take the workers have to pay WHY LETS STOP IT

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