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the dangerous dogs act 19991 should be abolished

Comment 6th July 2010

The above act outlaws 4 dog breeds  chosen arbitrarily. Breeds of dogs are not dangerous, individual dogs are aggressive of any breed dependent on their upbringing. Particularly pit bull types are persecuted for the way they look and often destroyed having done absolutely nothing wrong. Staffordshire Bull Terriers are also dragged into this ignorant and prejudicial law since they were used in the breeding of the pit bull. 

We have The Dogs Act 1887 which legislates against dogs who actually aggress – we do not need a knee jerk reactionary law that wastes huge amounts of public money and allows peoples' innocent pets to be taken from them and destroyed. The Dangerous Dog's Act is ill informed, hugely unfair and costly.

Why does this matter?

Peoples' pets are being unfairly seized and destroyed and vast amounts of public money is being wasted on court actions that need not take place.

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