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The legalisation and regulation of Cannabis and Ecstacy.

Comment 2nd August 2010

The drugs Cannabis and Ecstasy are proven to be less harmful that both Tobacco and Alocohol. Seeing as cigaretts and drink are widely and cheaply available to to people, then why not Cannabis and Ecstacy? They both do very little damage to the body, infact ecstacy does almost no damage to the body or mind at all, so why are they not legal and regulated like drink and cigarettes?

Ecstacy is an entirely synthetic substance, if it were regulated it could be formulated to be entirely harmless whilst still remaining potent and enjoyable – plus, imagine the amount of revenue the country could make if ecstacy were taxed to the same extent as tobacco! The revenues would be huge as the market is ripe and wanting! The same goes for Cannabis; it is almost entirely harmless and equally, if not more enjoyable than tobacco due to the fact it has a greater pleasurable effect without the nasty side effects that cigarettes have. And again, imagine the revenues!

Please take serious consideration into the legalisation of these two harmless little enjoyables.

Why does this matter?

The idea is important because cannabis and ecstacy are readily available on the black market and the money the drugs make goes to shady and seedy people and funds crime. If the money instead went to the people and to the state it could help shake off the defecit and provide more money to build hospitals and hire policemen and any number of useful and neccicary things.

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