Stories are always being heard of vicious, cold blooded killers and rapists having their sentences reduced under 'good behaviour'. These people have committed dispicticable crimes and taken the lives of innocent people so why should they be let off?

Imagine if someone close to you had been murdered or raped and then you learnt that the moster who committed such an act was being let out early , despite been given a mandatory life sentence. Life should mean Life. If they can committ such an act i dont believe they can change and so they should serve their full sentence and let justice be served. How can someone that has committed such a horrendous act posibly show good behaviour? They might not argue with other prisioners or tey might clean up their rooms extra tidy but that does now allow them to half their entence halved for the murder or rape of a innocent person.

However, if evidence comes to proove the person is innocent then i totally agree with them being released as this would be a terrible miscarrige of justice. Futhermore, circumstances would have to be looked at , such as if the murder was caused by duress or other reasons that would see if fine to let the defendant off.

Overall, if someone has intentionally committed an act of murder or rape they should have to serve the full length of their sentence even if they show `good behaviour' or not.

Why is this idea important?

This law could prevent hundreds of murders/ rape ttacks from occuring as if the prisoner serves their life sentence they will never be mixed with the public gaain , which should be how it is as they committed such a crime.

Justice needs to be served and we need to respect the lives taken or harmed by these crimes seriously.

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  1. I am very concerned to be reading bigoted views like this. Is the author aware that the media feeds us the stories it wishes us to hear and those of lifers remaining in prison make far less money in newspaper sales! Each case should be viewed on its own merit and we should look carefully at our social justice system to ensure we are not creating more criminals due to the increasing nuclear and unsupportive society many are forced to live in!

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