What does the Information Commissioners office do? It seems to take an annual fee from my business each year but little else. It stores all this data on expensive computers in Wilmslow, but for what purpose?  I am sure that many businesses do not even bother to register at all.

What did we do before it existed – we carried on as usual!

I do not think that the level of fees levied to register is even sufficient to rent the offices, pay the beaurocrats and pay for the upkeep of the computer system and administration. So the taxpayers stump up the balance again.

We all insure against public and professional liability issues, surely that is sufficient.

Please Mr Clegg, let us save some taxpayers money here and scrap the laws which caused this unnecessary quango to come into existence and sweep it away. We really do not need it – it is just a  luxury to provide employment and inflated pensions to a number of 'jobsworhs' . The Ministery of Administrative Affairs from 'Yes Minister' comes to mind here!


Why is this idea important?

My idea is important to save taxpayers money and rid this country of unnecessary beaurocracy.

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  1. The ICO is an european stealth tax not only on businesses but a cost that gets passed down to the consumer. Any additional cost will indefinetely be passed down to the consumer whether they like it or not! What is interesting about this stealth tax is, big companies such as Facebook (Yes, Facebook!) is excempt. A company which processes the most ‘personal’ data in the world. Abolish the ICO as we have the data protection act 1998 which does the job!

  2. Yes get rid of them. I have had a complaint with them this year 2015 about Besti Cadwaladr University Helath Board. Absolute proof of serious breaches of the Law under the signatures of BCUHB executives.

    Ye you have guiessed, the ICO has done everyhting to avoid enforcing the Law. It would seem that there are two riers of the Law in the UK. The Law that us ordinary oiks must obey or face the consequences and another set of laws that the liars of the public services obey or not obey as they choose. All with the full acquiescence and endorsement of what is laughingly the regulatory quangos in the god forsaken country.

    Theft of public funds on the grandest of scales by therse bone idle dreadful people

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