my wife and I currently live in a one bedroom flat that I purchased before we were together, having been married for a year we would like to consider starting a family.  We both have full time jobs and have never needed to claim benefits.

With the state of the property market at present we are unable to sell our flat meaning that starting a family just would not be possible where we are, given that it is already cramped with just the two of us living there.  Therefore we are stuck, unable to move on or think beyond our current situation.

It is not uncommon to hear of occassions within our area where people have moved in to brand new council properties, and in fact many new properties are in construction to cover the demand.  I understand that many of these people are in desperate need of housing, but I wonder if prioritiies are maybe skewed and are needs are falling under the radar.

I feel that a fairer way to help us move forward with our lives would be to be able to sell our property to the council (at a fair price).  this would therefore still count toward meeting the demand for council housing, and also provide us with the ability to move up the housing ladder and start our family.

Why is this idea important?

This idea will help people in be able to move on from their current situation while also enabling the demand for council housing within the area to be met.

a much needed boost for hard working 'want-to-be' families

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