The import and sale of tobacco should be made illegal, OR the tax income on tobacco products should be ring-fenced for smoking-related cancer research and treatment of smoking-related illnesses.

Why is this idea important?

By permitting and profiting from the sale of tobacco and cigarettes, the government effectively endorses a product which not only kills, but which is also extremely addictive.  This is not just, ethical, or responsible government.

It cannot be right for the Treasury to profit from taxation on the sale of a highly addictive known carcinogen.  It cannot be right for the Government to permit the sale of a product which is so detrimental to public health.

2 Replies to “Ban Tobacco Sales”

  1. Why is this ethical government. Governments have no ethical right to interfere in rights of others even if they damage their own health.

    Banning anything needs to be considered very carefully and should only be done if it can be proved that the banned action has a significant negative impact on someone other than the person performing that action and the person who is impacted has no escape or the impact is against their will or knowledge.

    This is real ethical government. It should not be one group imposing their will on others even if they are doing so with good intentions.

  2. Wrong. The cost of treating smoking related diseases far outweighs revenue from taxation of tobacco. The balance is a huge net loss.

    If I was in charge I would make it an illegal drug, same as heroine.

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