lets face it some one had to put it on but the last time there was a poll on this im sure 79%said to bring it back ,and to be honest we have DNA and all the rest ,plus it would be a deterant .

look at the crime rates beyond a joke why because when they go to prison whats the point a drain on tax money if a person goes out and openly kills somone look at the impact they leave behind the shattered family the pain of loss of the loved one thats been killed ,and the killer living it up in prison gets what they want.

And not to stop at murder serial rape

and last the most sickening crime pedophilia 

Why is this idea important?

we need to show the criminals we meen business that it wont be tolerated any more that the new goverment want to restore an order in the country again.

look at the news people look and you will see the horendious crimes that are being commited against modern society are we going soft to allow this or are we bowing down to an out side country that dictates to us that they have human rights aswell

they shouldve thought about that before they commited the crime and took away the rights of their victim

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