Currently any employer must CRB check their employees and volunteers, if they are working with 'vulnerable groups', to vet their suitability. As it is employers who must do this people, such as myself, who work for different people have to have multiple checks, all running at the same time. Recently my former employer ran a check on me (April 2010), when I lost my job in July I joined several employment agencies, two of who asked me to pay upfront for a check, the other only when they would offer me work. For a while I was also a sports coach, requiring a CRB from my sports federation. This would mean that in total I could possibly have 4-5 CRB certificates!

The solution? Simple: make the CRB check portable between organisations.

Why is this idea important?

The CRB should monitor the number of CRB checks that are held on individuals at the same time to see the cost savings. From the individual there are important benefits; I should be able to start work based on my current valid CRB check from my former employer. Currently I have had to claim Job Seekers Allowance, despite being willing and keen to work while I am CRB checked by my future employer.

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  1. This is a good idea. It seems a ludicrous waste of resources to make people apply for several CRB checks.

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