If a person finds that incorrect information has been added to their medical record, they should be able to get this incorrect information removed. The record should be the property of the person it relates to, not the health service.

Why is this idea important?

Medical records contain all sorts of information about people, much of it not necessarily medical but often a doctor's subjective appraisal of a person.  In addition to this if incorrect information is added to a person's medical record, apparently it cannot be removed.  This is completely wrong.

One Reply to “Enable people to remove incorrect information from their medical records”

  1. Once I believed that I am the only one with wrong medical records. But today I find that I am not alone in my misery, there are many patients in the UK with wrong records. This is a scandal. In my records, there are numerous factually wrong information coming from third party. This info never came from my mouth. Yet the GP never verified such third party hearsay with me. Behind my back, the GP systematically recorded third party hearsay in my records creating imaginary illnesses. My hair rose when I saw this bullshit in my records. I requested my GP to correct the records. The GP remained silent. Then I asked NHS Wandsworth for intervention. The CEO of NHS Wandsworth told me to contact the surgery. When I went to the surgery, they called police and the police warned me not to contact the surgery again lest I would be arrested. So my wrong medical records still exist and I can’t do anything. The surgery is Lavender Hill Group Practice, 19 Pountney Road, Battersea, London SW111 5TU. Avoid this surgery at all costs.

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