We need to eliminate the compensation culture by: –

(i) introduce a presumption of common sense (i.e. why didn't you look where you are going)

(ii) a presumption that 'sh*t happens, get over it'.  Accidents are part of life.

(iii) abolish no-win no-fee solicitors, litigation funding etc.

(iv) Bring back Crown immunity in respect of negligence claims, (local authorities, schools etc) but especially for NHS. OK, things go wrong but we should be grateful we have an NHS at all.  Better to spend the money on nurses rather than lawyers.

Why is this idea important?

Hospitals and local authorities are so tied up with risk assessment, health & safety and litigation that they should get freed up from it all.  Get rid of their legal departments, get doctors back on the ward and out of the courtroom and spend the money on front line services and/or cut the deficit.  Simples!

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