I have a few ideas set out below due to the fact that parent and childrens rights require a huge overhaul. The system is in such a mess that more that one change is required.

The process of family breakdown needs to be addressed to ensure that children never loose contact with either parent. Apparently parents have equal rights but this is rarely enforced within a court of law. Changes are to be made if the UK is to progress into a modern state and the following are implemented:

1. The government should make it impossible for resident parents to refuse non-resident parents access to their children. 

 2. Parents should be penalised for discouraging or prohibiting contact between their child and the other parent.

4. Parents who make false allegations on domestic violence should be asked to publicly apologise.

 5. Child maintenance should be withdrawn from parents who refuse non-resident parents access to their child/ren.

 6. Make the process of mediation compulsory and only go to court in exceptional circumstances.

 7. in light on 6. CAFCASS officers to be awarded more power in decision making and act as a representative to the child. Makes the need for an expensive judge, solicitor and barrister unnecessary.

Why is this idea important?

Some children can spend months without seeing one of their parents and the only way they can then see them is if the non-resident parent applies to court, costing vast amounts of money on solicitors.

Children should not be exposed to the feuds and negative emotions between separated parents. The court process which parents are forced to take creates an enormous amount of animosity and the freedom of the Father with respect to how what he can do with his child or children can be easily restricted by the power of the mother.

Fairness to all……

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