The views of some people wanting to repeal the fox hunt ban and how this can be listed under civil liberties is Sick Sick Sick!!!  As it is the same as saying 'I should be allowed to beat my dog to death if I want to because of civil liberties', I presume they do beat their dogs if they want to under their 'civil liberties'.  On the one hand these sick people say hunting is pest control, on the other it is a sport and social occassion, so which is it?  A government which allows animal cruelty to be classed as civil liberties is an absolute shameful disgrace, sick and absurd, we are not in 1562 but 2010!  The government should think very carefully  before even entertaining this subject!!!

Why is this idea important?

The ban on hunting with dogs is a very important message which says, killing, torturing and watching animals run for their life terrified and ripped apart by hounds under the name is sport is absolutely not on!  To repeal this law is going back hundreds of years of animal cruelty and is the same as bringing back cock fighting in the streets, dog fighting and bear dancing.  People who think this is ok should be locked up!

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